Finding a Real Purpose Behind a Business

Sometimes things as we know, are just not enough. Then is the exact moment when we start questioning the real meaning, or in this case the real use.

As designers and creatives, our minds were spinning around alternatives to fill our passion, and contribute to make things differently. While watching the up-cycle scenario growing we couldn’t resist to jump immediately to make our own tryouts, and we ended up falling in love with the result.

Exploring options while having fun researching, and playing around with different materials has been quite an experience. Denim  and leather have been trending topics when we talk about fashion waste and pollution, so we decided to make it our priority adding it as main source.

On top of all the findings, we got to partner and collaborate with many artist in the city and growing new relationships that inspire us to keep going. The feeling behind something as simple as repurposing waste, definitely make a difference and gave us a North to work on.

Now with all ideas in place, we have the joy of working on something lasting, something sustainable, that maybe is not appealing to everyone but is enough fulfilling for us. We keep track of the artist willing to work with recycled materials around us, because the more the better.


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  • Iris Violeta Cardenas

    This looks amazing! Congrats girls! Hugs from Barcelona!

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