About Us


Two Latin American Designers living their dream in foreign lands.
As immigrants, our artistic perspective is nurtured by everything that surrounds us. From a small trip, to living in different cities in the world, all come as part of our inspiration.
Andrea fashion designer and fashion marketer,  and Raquel jewelry designer, are the artists behind the brand, who met in Canada and jumped into our passion immediately.
The brand was created to keep the effort of showing to the world the richness of Latin American Fashion, the best of artisanal ancestral techniques, and how slow-fashion and ethical practices had been part of the culture.
Right now, we are concentrated developing a Capsule Collection, using different mediums, such as brass, clay, beads, jewelry wire, cork, and specials old jeans fabric, and leather leftovers. We aspire to inspire people to see fashion in a different way, and add some new consumer values that can help the environment.
Our designs have the purpose to explore our femininity with up-cycle, made for strong, passionate, one of a kind woman. It’s all about enjoy yourself.
We share our mommy’s regular days and duties, with the passion to make what we love. From Calgary, Canada.
Andrea & Raquel